Honda Mini Van or SUV - Which One is Best For Families in Holbrook, NY

Having a hard time deciding if a Mini Van or an SUV would be most ideal vehicle for your family? Not to worry, we at Baron Honda near Holbrook, NY have drawn up a comparison to help you easily make a decision once and for all. We will highlight the Pros and Cons of Mini Vans such as the Honda Odyssey and SUVs like the CR-V and Pilot so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for your family size and fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

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Honda Mini Van Pros

A Mini Van like the Honda Odyssey is perfect for family outings and day to day activities, it is very practical and with seating for 8 would make transportation of the entire family around Holbrook, NY a lot more comfortable. Features like the infotainment system and CabinWatch/ CabinTalk will make for stress free family outings.

Here are some benefits of the Mini Van:

  • Standard third row seat
  • Child-friendly convenience features
  • Perfect for vacations and family outings
  • Ample space for luggage
  • Low ground clearance easy for youngsters to get in
  • Sliding doors, perfect for easy entry and exit

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The mini-van is functional for large families and makes transporting kids a lot easier than the SUV.


Cons of Driving a Mini Van

Every good thing has a downside to it and the Mini-van is no exception, despite its functionality, the Mini-van is not as versatile as the SUV. The SUV can be used as a family car and can also make a grand entry into a business meeting without looking out of place. Here are some cons of the Mini Van:

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You might want to reconsider your options if you feel you won't be needing the extra space for family on a regular basis, the Mini Van is not fit as an everyday car for a single individual.

  • Mini Vans are usually more expensive
  • Too big therefore not fit as an everyday car
  • Mini Vans don't have a great gas mileage
  • Costs more to maintain

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Pros of a Honda SUV

An SUV like the Honda CR-V is way more capable in terms of performance than the mini-van, most SUVs come packed with an all-wheel or four-wheel drive. The styling makes it easier to function as an everyday car while the spacious interior also makes it a fit for smaller families. If you are looking for a SUV with room for a larger family, the Honda Pilot seats up to 8 while still giving all of the functionality of an SUV.

Here are some major of the benefits of the SUV:

  • Variety to choose from in the market
  • Style Versatility
  • Functionality for work / play
  • AWD
  • Towing capabilities

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Cons of an SUV

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The SUV also has a few disadvantages, although it has a versatile styling that makes it easy to take anywhere the SUV is not as family friendly as the mini-van. Some of the cons of the SUV include:

  • More expensive
  • Higher to climb not fit for kids
  • Fits a fewer number of people
  • Usually has less cargo and storage

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How to Choose Between a Mini-van & an SUV

Your preference between a Mini Van like the Odyssey and an SUV like the HR-V would be largely dependent on the following:

  • Usage
  • Frequency of use
  • Family size
  • Budget
  • Functionality

The above factors would guide your decision as to whether the Mini-Van or SUV is right for you.

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